Story and writing story

Why am I interested in the story?

The story is my most important interest. Because the story allows us to experience a new life. Effectiveness of the story can be different; that depending on the medium (novel or movie etc.) and its power.

Experience and Story

According to many bookworms, the novel is the best medium for telling a story. Stories can be injected into us through the novel better than any medium.

The novel allows us to character’s experience convert to our experience. This is the significance of the story in the novel. Experience transfer from story’s character to readers in cinema and movie is superficial rather than a novel.

I want to mention a quote from Massoud Farassati (Critic) about this Issue: The story and character’s experience (especially main character) could be sediment on us layer by layer. And we can transfer that experience to own. And the movie doesn’t have this power.

Normally, every novel cannot affect readers. The most important factor about influencing a story is related to its author and its worldview. After this factor, I think techniques of writing and storytelling are important.

I like writing a story and storytelling more than reading a story personally. And I like to be a novel/story writer one day, that is one of the serious goals of my life.

Writing Story > Story

I like writing the story so much because I can create the character and tell the story therefore this is so exciting for me.

I have tweeted the other day: hopeless heroes get stuck in your brain because you forced them to watch your mobile screen.

I believe that our brain has a lot of stories, characters, and heroes. We must think about them and start writing and practice. Our characters will appear on paper someday.

I write a lot of plots for myself. I write story assumptions, According to John Truby. that means writing the whole story in one sentence.

You must write and show the path of character and the action that the character wants to do. When you practice writing story assumptions, you can reach more ideas for new stories and heroes.

When you spend time on the story assumptions, you can convert that to a story. The story that becomes alive! and your characters can live and talk.

When I want to start to read the continuation of the novel, I say to myself: what does the hero want to do and to show me? It happens to me a lot. I imagine character fixed on the papers and waiting for us to let it continue again by start reading.

I like the sense of creating new characters and let them enter the world. And I like to share my sense with people also. And encourage them to write a story. This world could have amazing stories.

We faced another world in the most realistic story, although it has similarities with our world, it is a different world. That’s our world of the story. And I hope we create new worlds for this world!

We have just one real world. And we have limitations for existence but we can create another world that is moving parallel with our world by writing stories.

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